Katy Perry Latex Costume for Grammy 2012 Performance!

Katy Perry Performing in latex

Abigail Greydanus and Katy Perry getting Katy ready in her latex costume for her 2012 Grammy performance

As a latex designer (or any designer for that matter!) I recently received what I think is one of the highest honors I could have, getting to dress international celebrity Katy Perry in a custom made latex costume for her performance on the 2012 Grammy awards. The costume was originally conceived by her outstanding stylist Johnny Wujeck and Katy Perry, herself, then I added some personal Abigail Greydanus touches to make it my own. I think it is one of the most amazing things she’s worn to perform in (latex or not). Inspired by the idea of a post apocalyptic warrior with a futuristic touch to it; this latex outfit looked truly outstanding on Katy Perry. Not only did I receive the honor of getting to work on the latex design for Katy Perry but I also got the amazing opportunity to be part of her crew for the day of the Grammys and go to the performance to make sure things went off without a hitch. What can I say, getting to see my outfit go on stage while standing behind the performance stage of the Staples center was truly awe-striking and I had to fight to hold back the tears of pride as Katy Perry took the stage to perform her new, soon to be hit song “Part of Me” in my latex.

In case you guys missed it last night you can watch the video of the performance here on youtube